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Tony DiNozzo & Abby Sciuto
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Tony DiNozzo & Abby Sciuto Community


This Community is devoted to Tony DiNozzo and Abby Sciuto, two characters of the CBS Show NCIS, played by Michael Weatherly and Pauley Perrette.
Here you can discuss everything about them, post your icons, wallpapers, graphics, fanfiction and anything else Tabby-related.


1. No bashing/flaming of actors/actresses, characters or anyone else involved with the show and members of this community.
Posts or comments with that will be deleted without notice.
Though you may of course tell us your opinion. You are allowed to say how you feel about something, just don't go too far.

2. If you have issues/problems/misunderstandings/disagreements with anyone in this Community, do not debate it in this Community. Do it somewhere else. In your own Journal, email, icq, msn. There are ways to clear things somewhere else and to keep this Community clean and friendly.

3. Spoilers are allowed as long as they are behind an LJ-cut. Spoilery icons have to be behind a cut as well and please label them as spoilery in your post.

4. If you're posting more than five icons, please put the rest under an LJ-cut.

5. If you take any icons of other users, make sure you credit them.

6. Only Tony/Abby related Fanfiction is allowed. And when I say only I mean only.
You may post a Tony/Abby FanFic and then say that there are FanFics written by you with different pairings. But do not only post a Fanfic with a different pairing. This is a Tony/Abby community and I'm thinking about keeping it that way.

7. Put a bit of information about your fanfic in the regular post, like Author, Title, Rating, Summary, possible Spoilers. The fanfic itself has to be put behind an LJ-cut.

8. NC-17 FanFiction is allowed in this Community. But please state it clearly visible for everyone.
Not everyone is into NC-17 fics. Not everyone likes exactly the things you like. So if you're posting a Fanfic, make sure you say what kind of story it is.

9. This is not really a rule, more a recommendation. I recommend that you don't turn off the comments when posting fanfiction or icons or anything that would go into the memories. Cause I can't add it to the memories if the comments are turned off. So just turn off the comments if you don't care about your stuff being in the memories :)

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